Meet the Owner / Trainer : Linda Symborski

Owning my own horse and farm was always a life long dream. I never had the opportunity to grow up with horses, so after my children became teenagers, I finally became involved with horses. I spent several years doing competitive trail riding, and then tried the Hunter and Western Pleasure scenes. It wasn’t until I decided to find out about this new thing called 'Dressage' that I knew I had hit on my target. I went into the study of Dressage with the same intensity that I had in my nursing career. Learning the inner workings of a horse, the physics of balance and the psychology of the horse and rider combination was a natural process for me.

My husband and I, along with our two sons, started our farm in 1985 with bare ground. I learned what type of grass to plant, how to put up fences, you name it, I learned it. The old farmers at that time looked at me with a wary eye, and chuckled as I left their stores, but I persisted and now we have a lovely 80-acre facility with a 12-stall barn that people in the community say 'oh, that is your farm, I’ve always admired it'. It is a humble place, but it is our place. My many years of medical training have also been a godsend for me. It has given me a through ability to care for, and nurture, the horses that have come to live at our farm over the years.

As for my teachers, I have had lots of great ones. My vets have been a tremendous guidance and my riding lessons have been from some well known and some not so well known.  I have learned from all!

Some of my greatest memories of past clinics were the late Riener Klimke, Cathy Connelly, Sarah Giekie, and Walter Zettl, to name a few, and I hope there will be more in my future. The best teachers I have had have been my horses. Mostly I have had youngsters to ride, and even though they knew nothing, they taught me a tremendous amount.

The foundation of riding is learning to develop a balanced, independent seat. Students spend hours learning and developing this, and learning how to let the horse teach them. Over the years, the lessons that I have taught were mostly for beginners to second level. I hope that I have helped fulfill many dreams to ride while building self-confidence.

Over the years, I have come to realize that the beginning lessons are the foundation for everything the rider does throughout the rest of their riding career, and the comment I hear frequently that the instructor is 'good enough for beginners' is misleading. 

I have taught beginners to second level, and trained horses higher than that. I hope that I have helped fulfill many dreams while building self-confidence. 

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